Hilary offers energy healing to individuals seeking greater ease, balance and movement along their path of becoming healthier more authentic versions of who they truly are. Continue Reading…

Why “360° Grounding?"

The term “360° grounding” is based on my personal experience of there being a vast number of sources to which we can “ground” beyond our physical earth. In essence, it expands on the traditional concept of grounding to include multiple sources of stabilization, support and balance, the primary one being our own core light.

About Embodiment

The fundamental focus of my work with clients is to encourage and support the integration of their spirit and body, and then to assist in aligning this whole self with the physical world and surrounding universe, thereby bringing about full embodiment and a sense of being home. Continue Reading…

Distance Sessions

Distance sessions are equally effective as in-person, and encouraged at this time. Continue Reading…
“I consider Hilary’s work as profoundly transformational and expansive. My experience is one of being held in a very high-frequency energy and Light that is different each time and yet each time addresses exactly where I am needing healing.”
– Martina, Washington DC
360 grounding session with Hilary

Clients Have Experienced:

NEW! — Light Song

Light Song is the name that artist and energy healer, Hilary Stewart, calls her light language singing. It is also the title of her first album featuring this uniquely melodic channeled singing. The “words” and music express themselves through Hilary in a spontaneous flow that carries the essence of her soul’s “home energy”, or Light. The highly refined frequency coming through her voice is a transformative sound healing transmission that will sooth and uplift.

Learn more about Hilary’s light language/singing, listen to samples, purchase CD’s or downloads, and sign up to experience an in-person event, HERE…

CD Jacket & Disc.art.low.1
9 tracks: Over 30 minutes of music.
Hilary Stewart sings Light Language

“Hilary’s music will open your Heart, and your Being, to the deeper truth of who you really are. Her music comes from Spirit and takes you with ease back into Spirit. With each new now moment, Hilary’s work is felt within and is pure Love. Listen and come Home.”

– Lumin White
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