About Embodiment

This world presents challenges for most of us, often beginning at the earliest stages of life. Many grew up feeling different, not fully at home here. Our sense of security, safety, and ease may have been shaken, affecting the relationship we have with ourselves and others, our bodies, our material well-being, finances, etc.

Emotional, mental, and physiological patterns can develop in response to such challenges. A common yet frequently overlooked response may also result, namely an energetic recoil from the physical world. Since our bodies are our fundamental connection here, this pulling back occurs at the most basic cellular level.

For some, the realm of spirit offers the experience of love, bliss, freedom, and peace and therefore is an attractive and safe place to reside.

The fundamental focus of my work with clients is to encourage and support the integration of their spirit and body, and then to assist in aligning this whole self with the physical world and surrounding universe, thereby bringing about full embodiment and a sense of being home.

The more of our light we are able to integrate into this physical dimension, the more effective we may be at transforming the world and ourselves.

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