Sessions begin with a short discussion about any issues or concerns currently up in your life. We then move to the treatment table where you will relax, fully clothed, for the remainder of the session. Time is given at the end to gradually reorient and get up from the table. We then take a few minutes to share feedback. Everyone has a unique response to this work. Most experience internal shifts that continue to evolve and integrate over a period of several days.

Distance Sessions

My clients and I have found the work to be equally effective whether in person or at a distance regardless of whether we have met previously or where we may be in the world. As with the table sessions, we begin with a brief discussion, this time over the phone or via Skype. You then find a comfortable place to relax while I connect and work with you, either remaining on the phone, or not, depending on preference. I let you know via text when I’m done, and after time to reorient, we share feedback over the phone. The advantage to a distance session is that you can relax and receive wherever you like, whether cozy in your own bed or in a favorite spot out in nature. Since the idea of doing a session this way may be a leap for some, I am currently offering the first distance session at a discount.

In my experience whoever feels drawn to work together, whether for one session or several, in person or at a distance, receives just that piece they need to further their process. I invite your curiosity and willingness to explore.

Reflections on Distance Sessions

360 grounding session with Hilary
$75 per hour session (sliding scale considered)

Distance sessions offered (30% off first time)
Please phone, text or email to schedule appointments:

(828) 335-4100


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