“Hilary is a gifted healer.  She holds a beautiful, deep space for the body, mind and spirit to restore natural equilibrium. I arrived at my session feeling depleted and drained.  I left feeling energized and joyful with a sense of having retrieved myself.  I highly recommend Hilary to anyone who is looking for powerful, yet gentle vibrational healing work.”

– Jewel, Ashland OR

“A session with Hilary is deeply, deeply relaxing. Tensions seem to evaporate from my body and I feel expanded and lighter when I get up from the table. Hilary’s special energy healing is so experiential, its hard to put into words, yet I can definitely say I feel transformed for the positive by it.”

– Pamela, Ashland OR


“I just had the most wonderful energy healing session with Hilary! It was totally relaxing in a way I’ve not experienced in a very long time. My breath became so slow, deep, and soft , my place of bliss where it feels genuine healing takes place. Hilary intuitively identified a particular pattern that had been keeping me restricted physically and emotionally. I Left energized and validated, more ready to shine my light upon myself rather than solely on others.”

– Katherine, Asheville NC

“In every session I experience a wonderful sense of returning to myself, the familiar exhale of being in goodness, the end of stress. It is so healing and blessed and comes through you. I am so grateful for who you are and your generosity!”

– Patricia, Washington DC

“Hilary has the amazing ability to intuitively tune into the body and spiritual message coming through to assist in releasing imbalances that are causing disturbances in mind, body, and spirit. During sessions with her, I experience my expansive Light Self relax into and more fully inhabit my earthly body. In that coming together I feel an enhanced sense of presence, and deeply at Peace in my body and heart. ”

– Oshana, Asheville, NC

“Recently I was feeling scattered like leaves in the wind. Working with Hilary was like having my reset button pushed. During the session it felt as though I was connecting to reference points I’d forgotten were even there. These points seemed to create a web, or a blueprint, in which I felt stabilized, expanded and supported. I would highly recommend this work to anyone desiring stability in these changing times.”

– David, Asheville, NC

“I’ve always felt somewhat disconnected in life, never really wanting to be here. It didn’t feel safe. After my sessions with Hilary, I feel way more present. It’s as if my long held sense of life being about suffering and pain is shifting, and I’m stepping into more comfort and joy here.”

– Scott, Asheville, NC

Distance Sessions

I have had 5 sessions with Hilary. The 1st three were in person, the last 2 were long distance healings.
In all the sessions, I felt a deepening soothing relaxation that led to feeling more embodied and connected in my heart. The last session, even though the words sound simplistic, I experienced connecting into ‘a field of love’ that was me. Profound, yet so simple.

– D.W., Grass Valley CA

“As Hilary began our session, I immediately felt myself sinking into a velvet blackness that seemed to embrace all that is. I knew myself to be one with this as I experienced profound relaxation and peace. I was delighted to find that distance made no difference at all! Thank you Hilary!”

– Joanne, Asheville NC

“I was very grateful to have Hilary’s (360 Grounding) energy work as an effective option during a cloudy and depressed time for me. Even though I was on the other side of the world, I felt a strong, positive and uplifting presence of energy within and around me during the session. There was a sensation of peace and bliss for several hours afterwards and I was able to find the mindset I needed to take care of myself moving forward. Hilary also picked up on some patterns I had that weren’t serving me and gave some very effective advice to address them. I would highly recommend Hilary’s energy session to anyone around the world needing general or intricate alignment, grounding and healing within themself.”

– Jordan, Australia

Eye Gazing Transmission & Light Song/Language

“Hilary has a lovely ability to heal. During the eye-gazing I experienced universal energy coming through her eyes which brought a sense of expansion and seemed to provide exactly what I needed at the time. After, she spoke sounds that gently opened me to my True Self. This was followed by Hilary using her beautiful singing voice which furthered the process of unfolding for me. I felt most fortunate to have this healing experience with Hilary.”

– Helen Yamada, Founder Art of Healing Program, Asheville NC

“The presence coming from Hilary’s eyes is like meeting the fires of truth. The songs and light language struck deep chords in my soul. Thank you, Hilary!”

– Jaime Lu Aldridge, Sound/Light Healer and Teacher, Mt Shasta CA

Hilary’s music will open your Heart, and your Being, to the deeper truth of who you really are. Her music comes from Spirit and takes you with ease back into Spirit. With each new now moment, Hilary’s work is felt within and is pure Love. Listen and come Home.

Lumin White, Owner of “Transformations,” Mt Shasta CA

“I recognize Hilary’s singing as the Language of Light. It awakens in me the remembrance of who I am, the Divine aspect of me. It allows me to come into my body, fully open and flowing with the harmonics of the universe.”

– Deborah Hellman, Akashic Record Reader, Asheville NC

When Hilary sings, I feel completely safe, content, fully nourished, loved and adored – like I’m  in the arms of Divine Mother. A very beautiful experience. I have played Hilary’s music for clients in my healing practice and found it to be helpful.

– L.D., Talent OR

My experience of Hilary’s light language singing was one of great delight and joy. As soon as she started singing, I began feeling waves of peace calming my mind.The music was rapturously beautiful…evoking a sense of the sacred, in mother Mary like way! I highly recommend her singing to anyone seeking a transformational heart-opening experience.

– Cecelia, Ashland OR

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